Is The Key To Perfect Health Really A Vegan Diet??

Updated: Mar 6, 2020





Don't get me wrong, it's a phenomenal start. Often times a health change can lead to a holistic change (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually). But let me ask you something...

Do you think your health is on point just because you're now vegan/keto/fruitarian/whatevertarian?

Did you really think being healthy was just about changing your diet?


Sorry, but there's way more work to be done. Let's get into it.

Now this isn’t for the folk who’s first response to a health remark is “we all gotta die someday, I’m going to eat what I want!”

Or maybe it is for those folk, because one day when you’re actually sick, dying or diseased and life is hard on you and your loved ones, chances are you won’t feel the same. You’ll be sitting with regrets, playing your life choices over & over in your head wishing you would have had the foresight to make a change. Here’s my point: that sarcastic, self-indulgent, limited mentality tends to seep out into all our life choices, and not just what we eat & drink.

Up until the point of death that we will all face, you’ll be experiencing life. Our bodies are smart, if you listen to your body (& not your cravings or your toxic habits) it will tell you what it wants. If you’re treating it well, you’ll thrive. If you’re treating it poorly, you’ll merely survive. Pay attention to everything you consume.

I’ve got to tell you, I'm ‘bout tired of seeing so many health gurus and Dr. Sebi fanatics rant on social media all day about not eating this and not eating that. Whole time their mental health is in shambles. Can’t keep a significant other & always at odds with their family. Emotional stability weak and erratic.


Now of course this isn’t everyone, but it’s enough to make me want to say something. Embarking on a journey to health usually starts with the diet, but it should branch out into other areas of holistic health. You should be concerned with all of you, and not just the physical. You’ve got to know that a clean or alkaline diet will not solve all of your problems, and if you’re going to preach health you might as well preach health of the mind & spirit, as well as health of the body.

If you’re concerned with whether or not your food is organic & natural, ask yourself if your actions towards yourself & others are organic & genuine. Are you connecting with yourself & others from a place of love & honesty, or are you repeating the recycled behaviors you see rooted in self-limiting, toxic & ignorant habits? Are you operating in a way that’s really natural for you, or have you been conditioned to think & move a certain way?

If you’re concerned with where your fruits & vegetables come from, be concerned with where your beliefs & mentality comes from. Are you as picky with the music you listen to? With the shows you watch? With the content you read? With the company you keep? Everything we consume has a profound effect on our subconscious, and we all know our subconscious dictates what we consciously do, say & feel. Anything that’s consistent in your life will have an effect on you & your quality of life.

What’s in your playlists? What’s playing in the background on the TV or on the speaker? Pay attention to that. It can make you mindless, hateful, & ignorant, or it can make you inspired, joyful, & thoughtful.

What’s your social & personal environment like? Who do you speak to every day? How do you communicate with the people around you? What groups do you belong to? Energy exchange between people is real & powerful. Yes, you’re “consuming” that energy. We affect each other in more ways than we realize.

What type of products do you buy? Did your new purchase support a positive or negative cause? Did any people or animals have to be exploited so that you could have whatever it is you now own? Every choice & every action has a consequence & a reaction. Be concerned with all of this, not just what’s on your plate & in your cup.

The show you’re watching took dozens of people to produce. What kind of people are they? Are they perpetuating something that will distract you from what’s important, or feed you a narrative of lies & negativity? Just like the contents of your meal passed through many hands before it got to you, so too did the content of your entertainment & source of information.

There is energy behind all this stuff. If you like having crystals for whatever reason, I know you’ve heard that you should “cleanse” them before using them. Why do you think that is? The energy behind it matters, that’s why!

Sickness & disease can extend past the body and into the mind & soul, so be mindful that you’re choosing to engage in things that align with your higher self. This, too, is about practicing self-love.

This earth vessel we’ve been given is important. It houses our eternal souls for a temporary time so that we can experience life from this wonderfully, frustratingly human perspective. This is all the more reason to make sure we’re treating ourselves with enough self-respect & self love to feed life into our body, mind & spirit.


You have my gratitude for reading all this way, and hopefully relating with the message. May inspiration find you and may love keep you!

- Bri Ankh'a, HolisticraticVegan

Photo Credit: I got the cover photo from this link to a book all about this very topic! I haven't read it yet, but I will now~