~ The Holisticratic Way ~

Updated: May 26, 2020

What is a holisticrat? Is that even a word? Well, technically no. It's two words (holistic + aristocrat) I put together with a new, personalized meaning. But you know what I love about making it up as I go? It's more real for me. It gives me this feeling of authenticity; just another way I've learned to nurture accurate self-expression in my life.

Let me make one quick point before I tell you what this word means for me, though.

If you have christian family or been to church before, chances are you've heard there is "power in the word!", and even though i'm not traditionally religious I feel there's some truth behind that. In my experience & observation, the real power comes from your faith, and I'm not talking about your faith in any power or deity outside of yourself (I'm an omnist, though, so do you if that's your calling!) But I believe that, to a degree, the power of a prayer or intention comes more from within than without. Putting your whole belief into an intention is what does the trick, and it can be as simple or as complex as you want. I'm talking about the things we say, think and write(type/text) so often that they become our reality in one form or another. When there is meaning and emotion behind what we express, then there is true manifestation power behind it, whether it be good or bad. Many don't realize that we're already manipulating our lives with everything we say on a regular basis, even down to the littlest of things.

Since there's definitely an overabundance of negativity in that area, I felt called to

share with my peers something positive, uplifting. "Holisticrat/Holisticratic" is ultimately a word (which is also just a tool) I created to empower me and, hopefully, some of you. So now that I've reminded you that you're more influential than you give yourself credit for, know that your intention behind anything is a powerful first step to change. The intention behind HolisticraticVegan is multi-layered and ambitious, for sure. For starters, I saw a way to individualize and practice the change I wanted to see in myself, and promptly put a name to it. And since the words we use to talk about and describe ourselves are so important, I have to break this one down right and proper (I mean... I incorporated it into my brand, so you know it's real.)

HOLISTI • CRAT (n.) : Someone who holds themselves to higher standards in improving every aspect of their health (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.) Someone on a journey to holistic wellness by cultivating healing, growth & happiness within their life. Someone who commits to rising higher each day as the ruler of their own well-being!

The moment I decided I'd be a holisticrat was the moment I took a firmer hold on my own personal power. I honored the responsibility I had to myself to live the healthiest, most holistically aligned life possible. This holisticratic thing is more than just clever word play on my part, it's the result of all my life learnin' so far. It's becoming a lifestyle, honestly. One that looks a lot like what so many others are experiencing, and so many before us have experienced.

Holistic & Aristocrat. Each word holds more than one meaning individually, but put together the words give me another meaning. When I call myself a Holisticrat I am affirming my best identity. I sit a little straighter, I refocus myself on my goals, and I remember I am the sum total of all my choices.

So because I like to go back to actual definitions of things to understand them better, here's a little bit of that:






characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

Source: Google, of course.


Holistic means the encompassing of the whole of a thing, with respect to its parts. The first thing you’ll think of when it comes to “holistic” is probably holistic medicine, which looks at the whole person for answers to specific, targeted symptoms. It is a self-care practice that includes focusing on the health of the mind, body, and soul/spirit as treatment, instead of treating only the part of the person that is most sick. This gets into the interconnectedness of our emotions, diet, thoughts, actions, and habits with the current status of our physical bodies. Our thoughts make up our mind and drive our actions, and what we consume affects our minds, what we put into ourselves is reflected in what we become, as well as what we put out into the world, and so the cycle spins in a way that produces our current reality.

It baffles me why so many medical experts & "intellectuals" try to pass off anything holistic as less-than or "hippie" backyard juju crap that doesn't work like it's not valid reasoning. To me it just seems like common sense. These parts of us are connected just as there are individual parts to make up one functioning car. If you neglect one piece enough the whole vehicle stops working at its optimal peak and eventually breaks down. You can keep fresh paint and get a wash & vacuum every week, but where are you really going if your engine stops working?


"Ok so, what about the other part? Aristocrat, was it?"

According to vocabulary.com “the word aristocrat comes from the Greek word aristokratia, which comes from the root words aristos, meaning "best," and kratos, meaning "rule." So, the aristocracy was the ruling class of (supposedly) the best and noblest people, and an aristocrat was a member of that class. Today the word can also be applied to anyone with superior standing in any category.

It's my opinion that the "highest class" of people in a society shouldn't be dictated by how wealthy or privileged they are....but by the example of health, wellness and conscious leadership they set for all. What better way to cultivate this than be leading your own personal, holistic transformation?

In history the word “aristocrat” refers to a small, privileged ruling class. I know how that sounds, but if you're here you know I'm not concerned with "class" or "rank" in the traditional sense of this word. The only hierarchy that inspired all this is the personal-growth ladder that is my life. Aristocrats are typically known as leaders; people that guide and inspire others in some way. So naturally I asked myself “how do I see myself as a guide and inspiration? How can I differentiate myself from the normalcy that my peers have adopted? The same normalcy that keeps them unhappy, unfulfilled, and unhealthy. How can I flex my own personal power?”

I can tell you now that it's not by thinking I'm better than anyone else or cultivating a spiritual superiority complex. It’s by showing myself love by holding myself to a higher standard. I guide and inspire myself first so that I may do so for others. I am dedicated to a wealth of health in my mind, body and spirit alike, and I know that I cannot have true fulfillment unless I am full (a.k.a. whole, without lacking in any part.) In this way I can approach life in the best way I know possible, by believing in myself and my ability to be great. And because i'm just extra sometimes, I had to give it a unique name, something catchy. Something that'll stick in my subconscious.

The life of an aristocrat was fully-rounded and cultivated with utmost care and consideration, meant to be a best example for others. A part of this means you start being selective of what you allow into your space, as well as what you reflect out into the world around you. You start treating yourself with more dignity and respect, you owe yourself nothing less than your best self. You eat better, present yourself more confidently and your individuality shines with purpose.

I accept nothing less from myself than the best effort because I know I owe it to the person I truly am, in spite of the self-limiting habits formed by who I was. When I fell off my path, got stuck, or I found my head hung low in defeat or monotony...all I ever needed was a reminder to lift my chin like nobility. I am reminded that I am a Queen; the ruler of my own kingdom and the Goddess of my own universe. I am reminded that rulers never give up or settle with mediocrity, and that it’s OK to pick myself back up and continue after rough periods.