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Sea Moss Gel & Fresh Items

Sea Moss Gel Instructions:

 Recommended dosage per day is 1 tablespoon for children and 2 tablespoons for adults, though more may be beneficial. Always consult a nutritionist or a certified health care provider to determine usage.  Always refrigerate your sea moss gel in an airtight container as it is a fresh, perishable item. It lasts 2-3 weeks (and sometimes longer) refrigerated and up to 1 year in the frozen in a freezer safe container. 



As sea moss gel is a fresh & perishable item, we must charge a separate fee which covers the cost of 2-day priority shipping & cool-shield lined bubble mailers. As such, sea moss gel must be purchased & shipped separately from all other products below

 (which can result in a larger sum-total shipping fee.) 

Orders which include sea moss gel with other non-perishable products will be shipped separately 

(and you will receive the sea moss gel first.)

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