HolisticraticVegan presents the first group challenge of 2021, the Meditation Chakra Challenge! This challenge is FREE to all (with donations accepted), and all are welcome!

• The Re-Program •

What is "The Re-Program"?


A flexible, online 4-week mini-program that guides you through the transition to a plant-based lifestyle. Learn the most important basics all in one place, including what you need nutritionally & how to get it, the most important step to a real lifestyle change, and what you can do specifically to get there. It is designed to re-shape your daily habits & mentality (this way the changes you make are more likely to stick!) and will help you reach your own personal, holistically-aligned goals (whatever they may be). There is an emphasis on things like whole foods, plant-based veganism, meditation, spiritual & mental inner-work, with fill-in templates that will allow the program to cater to you individually.


With HolisticraticVegan, becoming your best self starts with the food, but it doesn't end there. A (w)holistic transformation touches the body, mind and soul!


What will be included?


The Re-Program includes:


  • Informational audio “lessons” w/ transcripts

  • Weekly meditation challenge (4x)

  • List of helpful links & resources

  • Personal planner templates

  • Helpful tips & tricks to make your transition easy & enjoyable

  • Access to our exclusive online community & support group, only available to "The Re-Program" members. 

    • Includes motivating group challenges, daily & weekly inspiration, live give-aways, monthly Q&A and more. Stay on track with a community to help encourage you & keep you accountable!

  • First-priority for all future HolisticraticVegan deals and sales

Everything provided will be either informational, supportive or inspirational in nature.  Though it is but a 4-week "re-program", you will have access to the resources & online community for life. This will encourage permanent change & help keep you consistent with the progress you made during the those 4 weeks. 

How much is the investment?

"The Re-Program" is currently on sale for 75% off at $79 (about $2.63/day). Yes, for less than the average price of a single night out, you can have lifetime access to all of the ever-growing resources, information,  & supportive online community! When the first-launch sale ends, the program will return to the normal valued price of $297.

Often times we don't take ourselves seriously enough to make the real, permanent change until we decide to invest in ourselves. The end of the Re-Program will be the beginning of a newer, healthier chapter in your life! If you're not so sure you're ready, ask yourself this question: "Would I rather figure it all out myself, do all my own research & pursue this goal alone, or would I like to have guidance, support, & consistent encouragement?"  I've designed this for the people who choose the latter, for those that know they're more likely to success & stay consistent with what this mini-program offers. If  you're ready, I invite you to take that next step and sign up below! 

This is exactly what I need! How can I join?

That's wonderful to hear! As we are set to launch the first Re-Program in the middle of Feb 2020, you can sign up for the waiting list below. Once you submit your e-mail we'll let you know your spot is confirmed. Closer to the launch date you will be sent more information in an e-mail and invited to our exclusive "HolisticraticVegan: The-Re-Program" Facebook Group. If you're ready to commit to this journey together, click below and enter you're e-mail ~

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