For me, what started out as a diet change turned into an all-around lifestyle change. That is what inspired HolisticraticVegana lifestyle brand born from my own personal journey to plant-based, (w)holistic living & wellness.


"But why did you spell it like that? Holisticratic?"

Well, if you've got a couple minutes, here's an entire blog post about that ~ 


But basically, it's a way to remind myself of my main life goals. An affirmation within a brand name. Being a holisticratic vegan, to me, is about approaching all aspects of my life and health from a higher mentality. I've become plant-based, naturally focused, and conscious about my habits & ways to improve them.


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I started out providing sea moss gel to others & publicly sharing my own practices. The goal is to expand HolisticraticVegan as a brand to greater heights Transitioning to veganism was a huge catalyst for so many other awakenings in my life. I know that as I learn & grow, so too will all of this. 

I do all this as much for others as I do for myself. So I promote the plant-based, holistic lifestyle that has lead to my own w(holistic) transformation, I write with the intent of collective mindset evolution, and I provide services and products to others that have helped me along in my own journey. Thank you for joining me along the way. 


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"My name is Briana, but i'm known on social media as BriAnkh'a. It's only slightly different from my birth name, but the intention behind it is powerful. The "ankh" is the Kemetic symbol of everlasting life, and it's an affirmation embedded into my birthright ~

 I'm an advocate for a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle, spiritual advancement, and living a joyful life of authenticity & purpose.

I've cried, denied, fell and fought through many lessons in a short amount of time that I've learned immensely from, and I have grown. I've lived with an unhealthy body & polluted mind that depressed me, but I fought my way through those self-defeating habits. 

I know I can help others on their path to self-empowerment, so that's what this is all about. HolisticraticVegan Sea Moss Shop is my way of sharing health & happiness with the world, but I don't intend to stop there! Somewhere in my future saga I am providing various services & products with holistic health and wellness in mind, writing about the thoughts & things that have helped me along my own journey & creating sacred, healing space for those around me. My goal is to create a brand that inspires and motivates you into a higher, holistic state of being!"

The Creator 

- Briana // Bri Ankh'a